Video Surveillance Systems

Powerful and affordable video surveillance systems to provide the maximum protection for your self storage facilities.

Self Storage Video Surveillance24-Hour Video Surveillance Systems

Controlling all aspects of your facility, from theft to employee conduct, is an integral part of your business. Video surveillance can deter theft, document critical incidents and monitor employee activity. No matter what you are looking for, PAC offers a variety of surveillance options to meet your unique needs.

From the simplest to most complex video surveillance system, our number one priority is your security. We offer a complete line of products from video cameras to digital recorders so you can choose the solution that best fits your needs.

Full Spectrum of Surveillance Solutions

  • Camera Solutions
  • Recording Solutions
  • Internet Video Access
  • Video Alarm Verification Services

Camera Solutions Overview

Customized Camera Systems Specific to Your Needs

The Best Systems. The Best Prices. Custom Installed.

When your security solution includes surveillance, it’s critical to select the best type of camera. That’s why PAC partners with multiple camera manufacturers to provide a variety of tailor-fit solutions. You won’t get whatever model we have lying around; you’ll get a camera that is specifically designed for the type of application you need.

All camera solutions have unique designs that deliver incredible picture quality and are simple to operate.

Types of Cameras Offered by PAC Integrations

  • Network Cameras
    A network camera (also known as an IP camera) is similar to a conventional analog camera, but uses an embedded encoder to directly generate a video stream over your existing network.
  • Megapixel Cameras
    A megapixel camera is a network camera with an enhanced image sensor that captures incredible detail. The resolution is measured in thousands of pixels and provides enhanced coverage over a wide area.
  • License Plate Cameras
    License plate cameras have specially designed zoom capabilities and built in software to recognize license plates on stopped or slow-moving vehicles.
  • Auto Focus Cameras
    Autofocus cameras come in network or analog styles and work by automatically adjusting the lens to focus on a specific image. This is ideal for cameras that track moving objects or people.
  • Wireless Cameras
    Wireless cameras are easy to install and can be placed in discreet areas where wired cameras may not be able to reach.

Recording Solutions

Document All Activity Recorded by Your Cameras

Recording Solutions Screenshot

Recording Solutions Screenshot

Access All of Your Recorded Data Quickly and Easily

Documenting critical information may be vital to your business operations. We understand that when it’s time to view video—whether in real-time or playback—your recording device must be able to meet any challenge. Detailed images can be retrieved and important information shared faster than ever before. Security staff have quick and easy access to critical details, whether on site or at a remote location.

We have experience installing video surveillance systems for:


  • Banks
  • Retailers
  • City Centers
  • Industrial Facilities and Warehouses
  • Public and Corporate Offices
  • Storage Facilities
  • Large and Small Residences
  • Mass Transit (railway stations, airports, bus terminals)


Custom Installations to Ensure Future Compatibility

What makes these installations so important, and why they’re still working even today, is that the cameras and video recording system were designed specifically for a client’s unique situation. That’s the level of detail you get with PAC Integrations.

Types of Recording Solutions We Provide

  • Analog
    Many camera installers will try to up-sell you on network or megapixel cameras. If you spent thousands of dollars on an existing analog camera system, you still want to see some return on that investment. That’s why our video recorders can include analog camera connections to ensure you continue to download video streams from previously installed analog cameras. Because these systems function as “hybrids”, you can always add new cameras to your existing recorder.
  • Network Video Recording
    Network and megapixel cameras are the cameras of the future. They are built reliably and have numerous capabilities that make them ideal for a variety of installations.

Internet Video Access Overview

Scalable, Manageable Systems

Enhance Your Surveillance System with Powerful IP Video Access

In the world of IP-based video surveillance and closed circuit TV (CCTV), wherever the network reaches, you can also distribute your infrastructure IP cameras or video encoders, network video recorders (NVRs) and workstations.

IP-based video surveillance is similar to regular analog CCTV, but it uses technology and acronyms usually reserved for the IT department.

Benefits of IP-Based Video Surveillance

  • View, record and playback video
  • Flexibility to transmit anything anywhere to anyone over IP
  • Efficiency through Recording at the Edge
  • Uninterrupted recording during network downtime
  • Scalable, manageable systems

Video Alarm Verification Services

Combine video surveillance with alarm verification services for advanced monitoring solutions at your facility. Our central station receives video feed from your surveillance system upon alarm activation to view who or what is alarming your system. Video verification works to elevate police response as the incident is confirmed and in progress.

Benefits of Video Alarm Verification

  • Video monitoring upon receipt of alarm activations
  • Real-time recordings of account activity
  • Elevate alarm importance to authorities
Powerful security systems that work for you.
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