Site Graphics Software

PAC Integrations offers comprehensive site graphics software that allows you to stay in touch at all times. Manage your site from anywhere.

Site GraphicsDisplay a Graphical Representation of Your Facility

It is difficult to manage your facility offsite, especially if you are responsible for multiple locations. Contribute to your operational effectiveness with site graphics software. This user-friendly management tool enables you to display a graphical representation of your facility.

You can watch all access activity as it happens from one centralized location. Now managers can stay in touch with the site without ever having to leave the office.

Benefits to a Site Graphics System from PAC Integrations

  • Real-time Access
    Display a digital representation of your facility and watch access activity in real-time.
  • Operational Effectiveness
    Manage multiple locations from a centralized location, without ever having to leave the office.
  • User-friendly
    The interface is simple and user-friendly. The colorful graphics make it easy to identify units and monitor activity.
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