Comprehensive & Customized Self Storage Security Solutions

You know your facility best and we make it our priority to understand your security needs. Since 1982, PAC has specialized in self storage security and we understand your systems. Our technology addresses every part of your operation, from workflow and development, to full gate services and access control.

Contact PAC Integrations at 800-479-4PAC with any questions regarding your self storage security needs.

Services Available for Your Facilities Include:

Burglar Systems - Self StorageBurglar Systems

Powerful burglar systems to ensure the safety of your facility.

Access Control - Self Storage

Access Control

Access control to ensure the integrity of your business.

White Glove InspectionWhite Glove Inspection

Top to bottom inspections to evaluate your facilities.

Site Graphics - Self StorageSite Graphics

View and control your entire system from one location.

Video Surveillance

Monitor your site with high performance video surveillance.

Fire Systems - Self StorageFire Systems

Responsive fire alarm systems to ensure the safety of your facility.

Apps for Self StorageStorage Facility Apps

Monitor your security systems from phone or PC.

Full Gate ServicesFull Gate Services

Comprehensive and expert gate installation & integration.

Why choose PAC Integrations for your self storage security needs?

  • Affordable & Secure Systems
    You have many needs when it comes to your self storage security system. Our extensive list of services makes working with us a breeze and allows you to customize a quality system at an affordable price. The functionality and design of your commercial security system is unlimited.
  • Highly Personalized Customer Care
    Protecting your business and assets means much more than installing a self storage security system. It is the personalized care and service that keeps your operations safe. Our experienced technicians and support team are available 24 hours a day to ensure your facility is protected at all times.
  • No Handcuffs
    We don’t believe in “handcuffing” our customers to us through expensive lease contracts and proprietary equipment tactics. You own your system outright with PAC, which saves you money in the long run in addition to avoiding expensive re-installation of equipment and contract buy-outs.
Powerful security systems that work for you.
PAC Integrations’ security packages are custom built specifically to your needs. No unnecessary product installs or high pressure sales tactics. Only expert security solutions to ensure the safety of your home, your family and your business.