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Bay Area Green BusinessOur longstanding philosophy at PAC Integrations has been to use our resources wisely. To us, this means more than just our everyday business practices; it also means using environmental resources wisely to make a sustainable impact on the world around us. This mindset inspired us to work with the Bay Area Green Business Program to become a more environmentally conscious business.

What does it mean to be a green business? The Bay Area Green Business Program verifies that businesses meet higher standards of environmental performance. Their partnership of government agencies and utilities helps local businesses, like us, comply with environmental regulations and take actions to conserve resources, prevent pollution, minimize waste, and reduce their carbon footprint. The PAC team went through a rigorous checklist to comply with the sustainable measures set forth by the program.

We were taking some steps toward protecting the environment before completing the certification, such as responsibly disposing waste and recycling on site. While going through the checklist, we realized there was so much more we could do. One specific environmental issue captured our attention and that was our inefficient lighting. The entire office lighting was made up of T-12 bulbs that gave off flickering light and didn’t fully illuminate the space. Luckily, the program’s relationship with SmartLights gave us the opportunity to replace all office lighting for under $200. Not only does the lighting work great, but we will save over $400 a year in electricity costs!

The PAC team has also shifted to reducing, reusing and recycling on a daily basis. All packaging materials are reused in shipments, only recycled content paper is purchased and we ensure all cleaning supplies do not contain additional antibacterial agents. Acting environmentally responsibly has surprisingly cut back our costs and inspired us to change more and more processes. We are currently looking into e-billing to save paper, time and money.

Working with the Bay Area Green Business Program allowed us to truly assess the negative impact we were making on the environment and pushed us to reevaluate our processes. Changing multiple procedures was challenging, but worth the time spent. Our road to certification has been rewarding as we work toward sustaining the environment. The PAC team is proud to be recognized as a certified green business.

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